Pricing Guidelines

Pricing guidelines and some food for thought!

Menus are custom created with a seasonal globalocal flair. We seek to complement your vision, work creatively with your budget and consider all aspects of the day and venue. Ultimately we’ll guide you through the process with our 34 yrs experience in the catering business! A phone chat and complimentary appointment at your venue is recommended. 


Our minimums apply…see below.

Passed Hors d’Oeuvres, cheese tables & so much more

Choose from our website of sample selections or together we’ll customize your menu!

Cheese table: selection of two, three or more local cheeses with apples, strawberries, grapes, local breads and crackers with a maple dijon spread.

Stationary Appetizers: these are plentifully presented and replenished. Most hors d’oeuvres translate well to a table – some don’t. Pricing also depends on length of service. If serving solely appetizers for a long length of time, adding to or changing the selections is a fun consideration.

$8+ per person depending on size of group, variety and length of service. Eco compostables included if not using china.

Themed Station: Asian, Mexican, Spanish, BBQ, etc. or crepe, carving, pasta, taco, burger, vegetarian/vegan, etc. Seafood bars, antipastos, tapas, sushi and Meze tables, etc. are offered too – simple to sublime! These are priced depending on the variety of options served and size of event.

$15+ per person

Hors d’Oeuvres are butlered around to guests throughout the cocktail hour.

$3-5+ per person/per selection/per hour – depending upon selection. We make 2 per person/per selection.

First Course/Appetizers

Plated – From salads to pasta or seafood – the possibilities are endless. Artisan bread baskets and flavored butters?

$7+ per person

Main Course Buffets, Stations and Plated with Family/French Style Options

All different dishes and themes with vegetarian options, all prepared with complementary side dishes, vibrant sauces, compotes or salsas

$12+ per person/per station; Themed: Asian, Mexican, Spanish, BBQ, etc. or crepe, carving, pasta, taco, burger, vegetarian/vegan, etc.

$20+ per person for 1 main protein dinner buffets – $28+ for 2 main choices: Guests are offered both proteins. Supplemental charge for premium cuts and some seafood choices. Pricing includes artisan breads, butter, farmers salad and sides. Vegetarian, vegan, GF and special dietary guests are happily accommodated – just ask!

$32+ per person minimum for family style service. Includes most specific sized platters to be placed on table for guests to partake. Additional platters may be needed to rent/curated for larger sized gatherings.

$33 per person minimum for French service. Waiters present food platters to guests who then serve themselves. More staffing involved.

Plated 1st course service is priced with menu, venue and kitchen facility considerations. More staffing involved.

Please note: For large events, venues which do not provide caterer with a kitchen facility will be charged additionally for prep tent


Wedding cakes, pies, pastries, cup cakes, cookies and dessert bars – any confection one can imagine!

$3+ per person

Coffee and Tea service

$2 per adult

The information provided are guidelines for you. Final pricing is determined by your unique menu, logistics, distance to event and guest count.

Please note…..

$400 minimum for pick-up/delivery orders please. Long distance delivery fees may apply.
$600 minimum when onsite services like staff/tablescape design and equipment are provided. $800 during holiday weekends.

Events are sometimes given minimum pricing requests when final guest count is unknown at time of booking.

Simple Banquet Package – for 75 or more guests…includes passed appetizers, main course buffet, cake and staffing!